Amazon and Roku: King of the jungle:

Amazon and Roku had a superior return for the month of August with gains of 13.2% and 31% respectively. Roku the maker of internet-connected set-top boxes and smart TV software platforms crushed the expectations of Wall street in last month’s second-quarter earnings report. The stock jumped by 20% post-earnings and there resulting in the stellar run. Both of them are placed as the best performing stock in the consumer discretionary space.

Amazon: Lone predator in the internet marketing space:

AMZN has experienced a historic run for the month of August as the stock reached the $2000 mark for the very first time. Also, it is nearing the $1 trillion value in market cap. The stock has provided a handsome YTD return of 72.1% outperforming its benchmark S&P 500 by a wide margin. AWS remains the key driver of revenue for the company across all the three segments with the highest rise of 44% in North America which got a big boost following the acquisition of Whole Foods.

Set to make its mark on the Online Ad market:

Amazon has set its sights on the $88 billion online ad market as it sees a lot of untapped areas wherein it can operate and generate significant revenues out of it. It is considered AMZN as a highly profitable market and there is no doubt over the fact that it is going to give a tough run for the money for its competitors like Google and Facebook. Amazon has a good advantage over its competitor's thanks to its wealth of data analytics on consumer behavior and shopping habits.

Roku: A big hurdle to deal with:
After the robust performance of the stock last month it backed down from its all-time high on the report which stated that the tech giant AMZN is planning a free video streaming service that just looks like a replica of the Roku channel. The strategy taken by Roku was gladly embraced by its investors even in the face of high-powered competition.