In the current situation, the market is getting a bit difficult to judge. Last year, the SP500 index lost nearly $2 million in October. It was the worst October since 2011. The FAANG stock too a major hit last year this time. Even though the index is not hit that bad this year, it is just marginally up. The index increased by 2.78% in the last month and 14.42% up on a YoY basis. The Nasdaq index took a good leap in the last year and is up by 16.25% while the DOW index is up by 8.9% on the YoY basis. At the beginning of the month, FED reported a drop-in unemployment rate and fell to 3.5% dropping by 0.2%, the lowest since December 1969. Wages increased by 2.9%, the lowest since July 2018 whereas nonfarm payrolls increased by 136,000. Health Care industry was the leading job creator while the retail industry lost 11000 jobs. This month has been a month of major earnings. Major tech stocks reported a missed EPS for this quarter. Major banks reported mixed earnings this quarter. JP Morgan, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley reported positive earnings this quarter whereas Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs. Among tech stocks, IBM, Netflix, Microsoft, Paypal reported better than expected earnings whereas Google was dragged down yesterday as they missed their quarterly earnings. As of now, US futures are indicating mixed sentiments as investors are waiting for Fed's decision on interest rates. The DOW futures opened in a positive sentiment but fell 17 points soon. The SP500 index hit an all-time high in the previous day but the DOW index is marginally trading down. The Information Technology sector and the Telecommunication Services sector were the two worst-performing sectors of yesterday. The defensive sector stocks, Health Care, performed in a much better way and was up by 1.16%. The top-performing stocks of the last trading day among the health stocks were Incyte Corporation and HCA Holding. In the Information Technology sector, the IPG Photonics Corporation was the worst performer losing 13%.