Wall Street is all set to enter its longest bull run after S&P 500 index touched its intraday high on Tuesday. US stocks rose on earnings report in the consumer sector and relative calm in the trade dispute between the United States and China. The trade-sensitive industrial sector rose for the fourth consecutive session as a result of the cooling down of the trade dispute.

The small-cap stocks as was seen for the past quarter has been performing really well and its benchmark index Russell 2000 has been hitting a record high on a regular basis as those companies were less affected by the trade issues than its large-cap peers.

Most of the sectors especially Consumer DiscretionaryInformation Technology and Healthcare has outperformed its benchmark index throughout this year. Especially the defensive sectors had a good run at times where there was some threat looming in the form of trade-related disputes.

Robust Earnings Season:

The earnings season which is nearing its fag end has really bolstered the US markets to a large extent and thereby helping to continue the bull run despite the fact that there were some major obligations which could have played a spoilsport like the issues relating to fall of the Turkish Lira, Trade Dispute among others.

A tough road overcoming the obstacles and challenges:

The success story of the Wall Street that we are all talking about was not easy by any means. It had to fight a lot of hurdles which came on its way. The rising tensions over the trade war between the United States and China was a hot topic of discussion this year and it kept on coming time and again and as a result of which we had seen a huge correction in the markets.


The historic bull run in US markets is here to stay it seems at least this year so it becomes very lucrative for the investors and affiliates to get the most out of it. There may be some minor corrections on its way but we can’t see a major correction coming through any time now. The macro numbers look good too for the US economy without having much concern on it as we had seen earlier the jobs report came out quite good, the inflation is under control and the growth trajectory also not bad.