The US stock market is among the top-rated stock markets of the world and is very progressive. There are almost 50 top financial news website and enormous financial data website. There are websites where detailed sector analysis are also available. But the question comes are those enough and the amount of human effort involved to accumulate data and track to stay updated can be reduced.

In the quest to meet the challenges the AI- Led Financial Search Engine is designed where the relevant news for the specific market, specific sector, and specific stocks are collected from the top sources and accumulated to the best of deliverable structure to reduce the noise and the effort to search for the latest relevant stock news. And at the same point under one-roof the financial data, daily performance & charts are also there.
Our advance feature of AI also analyzes the performances of the sectors and produces the most lucrative easy decision-making analytics or better to say reporting on US stock market that can really help you to have a clear view of the approach of your investment. The interest of the investor or trader varies from person to person and this financial search engine can meet all the requirements. For example, check the case scenario.

For people interest on the active performers in the market can check the following:

Most Active Nasdaq Stocks

Most Active Large-cap Stocks

Most Active Mid-cap IT Stocks

Most Active Small-cap Financial Stocks


For people interested in Health-Care Stocks can check the best analytics on the Health-Care sector

Similarly, you can explore all sectors of your choice and get the advanced reporting.

For people interested in the dividend stocks, explore the list of analytics on dividend giving stocks from all segments, industries & sectors at one click.

The financial engine delivers almost 3000 + advance analytics which is daily updated in real-time, and one-click reporting base on your choice can really help you to make better investment decisions and think beyond the limitation of human effort.

The strengths of this AI-Led Financial Search Engine:

1. Absolutely free to use.

2. Aggregate news & updates from multiple sources and bring it to you in one place

3. The only place where you will get multiple analytics, competitor analysis on each stock and across sectors and industries (Best alternative to Stock Screener)

4. Data and analytics is one of the best

5. Email update on your favorite stocks every day with its data, chart and latest news.

Other interesting features that Financial engine is coming up with soon:

1. Technical analysis
2. Daily/Weekly top picks
3. Sentiment Analysis

We are a young startup from Asia trying to democratize Wall Street information and analytics with the advance implementation of technology & cloud computing. to get more updates on the advancement of our progression.